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Overcoming Infertility

with Becky Livingston



Nervous about giving birth? Here are 10 reasons you don't have to be afraid. This is the stuff you won't hear anywhere else. Now you can know them too!

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by Chloe Quinn MSN, RN, WHNP-BC in New Mom, Pregnancy

Rebecca Livingston (Becky) is 32 years-old and had trouble becoming pregnant from day one. Becky details her journey becoming a mother after the loss of twins and 5 rounds of intrauterine inseminations (IUIs). She explains how difficult that process was and how she originally was quiet about her losses while working as a labor and delivery nurse. She now is open about her miscarriage and her difficulties achieving pregnancy and has found a ton of support from her friends and family. She talked with me while her little miracle, Graham, was present (and very vocal!) on camera to explain her story about overcoming infertility.

Becky went through labor 2 weeks early and initially was in denial about it’s start. She noticed she couldn’t drive home from work and couldn’t nap through contractions, but still she wasn’t sure if it was true labor. She stayed at home in the bath, on the couch, and changed multiple positions. She delivered naturally without an epidural about 2 hours after arriving to the hospital! Becky’s contractions were like “period cramps” and she was able to tolerate them, but hated the additional sensations of nausea and rectal pressure.

Graham has been breastfeeding successfully since birth, but initially he lost a little bit too much weight! During the interview, Becky reviews some signs of a malnourished baby (jaundice, lack of wet or poopy diapers, lethargy and constant crying), but Graham didn’t have any of these! She kept at it and under doctor supervision, she decided to go to a breastfeeding support group with a lactation consultant before giving up. He started to gain weight and she attributes it to milk production that ramped up just in time! Now Becky is trying to eliminate soy and milk products because Graham experienced green stool and diarrhea a few weeks later. These can be signs of a cow milk allergy.

“Support is power mount to successful breastfeeding.”

Becky is now back at work and successfully back in a schedule, but at first she said she was just trying to “survive.” Night and day meld into one when your are on baby-time. Becky didn’t experience postpartum depression or anxiety, but she admits that she is terrified of somehow forgetting her baby in the car and frequently checks on him from the rearview mirror. “It’s a new thing, you know, having a baby in a car,” she says. Becky and her husband, Teo, are so happy to finally have the family they’ve worked so hard for and want you to know there is hope and happiness over the rainbow.

Key take-aways:

  • Take the hospital tour! Becky says this was a HUGE help when she was in throes of labor and needed to find her way to registration and the delivery floor.
  • A breastfeeding support group was key to Becky’s success!
  • Contact your medical provider if you are concerned with baby’s poops, weight gain, wet diapers and energy level.
  • You can’t sleep train a baby <15 pounds, it’s just too early for them to maintain their weight through the night and they’re too young for any sort of schedule yet.
  • Ask for a food train at your baby shower! You will love having a freezer full of homemade meals when you aren’t feeling like cooking the first few weeks.

Recommended goodies:

  • Pampers Diapers It’s as simple as that. Becky says that she tried more natural diapers, but they just didn’t contain all the poop Graham had. After a few explosive episodes (during the process of ruling out Graham’s allergies) she made the switch.
  • Crib similar to Becky’s! Graham is co-sleeping right now, so he hasn’t really had to sleep in his crib, but he will have to soon!
  • Resolve: Online Infertility Support Find support in your area if you are experiencing infertility!

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Nervous about giving birth? Here are 10 reasons you don't have to be afraid. This is the stuff you won't hear anywhere else. Now you can know them too!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed. Always!